If your goal is to build something you’re proud of with a team that you love, welcome home.

A Product owner is the person that holds the vision for a product or service and works with a team to bring it to reality. Becoming a great PO means fostering great teams with shared vision, communication, and commitment.

These days, bringing a product strategy to life often means working closely with a software development team – and for those of us without a technical background, sometimes that can be frustrating. If you’re overwhelmed and uninspired, I know how you feel. I’ve worked hard, gotten tired, been frustrated, built teams, and had projects, and a whole start-up, blow up in my face.

Like many of us, my goals are often a little too ambitious for my skills, so I’m learning – one step at a time – to slow down and master the skills I need to make the change I want to see in the world.

I’m Kyle, and I’m starting this site to share my story and help you build the skills you need to build the team – and product or service – that you believe in. I got my start in UX design, design thinking, and research at Frog Design before working at a remote startup and getting my certification as a Scrum Product Owner.

I believe that we can all live the life we want – and build the things we want to build – if we’re smart about how we work and who we choose to work with.

Where to start



I love to share tips and tricks I’m learning to be a great product owner.

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